The Agora Foundation Program for optimal brain health includes:


  • TCD - True Cellular Detox - 90 days

  • Brain Mapping

  • Agora Protocol IV:  Neuroreceptor Repair and Regeneration (NRR)

  • Neurofeedback therapy while on Agora Protocol IVs

  • Naturopathic Testing

  • Specific supplementation


Every physical ailment that manifests has an emotional/psychological component. The mind/body connection is often neglected or overlooked in most treatment programs.  However, the Agora programs either include Energy Psychology sessions or they are highly recommended for our clients to engage these services.

The Agora Brain Health Foundation Program address issues such as fading memory, forgetfulness, lack of focus, concussions, mental abilities and more.


High level customized Agora Brain Health Programs are also available for people who suffer from ADD/ADHD, PTSD, TBI, and/or Parkinson’s.