The Agora team includes experienced health care professionals. All members of the Agora team are enthusiastic and dedicated to providing excellent service to assist our clients along their healing journey.


Maggie Gold, Agora founder, greets you at the clinic and coordinates every phase of your treatment experience to ensure the entire process runs smoothly. She is the liaison between healthcare professionals, you, and your family, and assists with the pre and post-treatment support network necessary for a successful program.

Maggie Gold brings 25 years of diverse experience to Agora Regeneration Clinics Ltd., primarily in the natural health industry, and has owned and operated several natural and integrated health clinics. She is past Chair of Health and Wellness for the Institute of Ethical Leadership and is founder of the Integrated Medical Association of B.C.


Dr Nick Jensen grew up in the small town of Osoyoos B.C and completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at Okanagan University College, now known as UBC Okanagan. He went on to attend Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating in 2007 as a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic medicine. Following graduation his desire to deepen his understanding of other healing modalities took him to South East Asia and India with his now wife and business partner Dr. Sonya Jensen.


They Opened Divine Elements in 2009 and in 2012 implemented the Truebalance-Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy program under the mentorship of Dr Ron Brown OBGYN which has successfully treated thousands of patients. The addition of this powerful and effective treatment into the clinic, along with the strong foundation in the holistic approach of Naturopathic medicine, gives Dr. Nick many ways to work with his patients in helping them achieve a life filled with balance and vitality.

Divine Elements

Dr Sonya Jensen

Dr Sonya Jensen is a mom of two boys, a business owner, a yoga teacher, a workshop leader and a Women’s Health Expert. After years of working closely with women and their families her mission and purpose has become clear, to inspire women so they can live free and balanced lives.


She’s a graduate of British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University where she received a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. Pulled in the direction of helping others since the age of five, Dr. Sonya pursued Naturopathic Medicine after University to explore the body’s healing potential and learn how to share it with patients.

Her work with women has taken her to places like Haiti, where she assisted a group of naturopathic doctor students with an organization called Mama Baby Haiti to provide maternal and pediatric health care at a birth centre in Mourne Rouge. This experience solidified for her that her passion lies in working with women and their families. She now runs monthly workshops for women to support them in all aspects of life.


In 2009, Dr. Sonya and her husband Dr. Nicholas Jensen opened Divine Elements Naturopathic Family Wellness in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver, British Columbia where they help clients create lasting changes in their overall health and well-being for the entire family.

Divine Elements

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Brenda Barton RTC, CSK Counsellor, is an experienced counsellor with over twenty years in the field. Her emphasis is on solution-focused results that last. Brenda is also an Energy Healer and a Specialized Kinesiologist.


"The goal is to bring you to your best possible state of mind, emotion and spirit so that you will be able to discover, believe and become the best that you possibly can be. This accomplishment will enable you to have a more fulfilling and harmonious life."

Brenda subscribes to the highest ethical standards of the counselling and healing profession. All of her services will be conducted professionally, ethically, with integrity and the utmost regard for your well being.  Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing, Reality Therapy, EFT and a variety of problem specific therapies are available as required.


Brenda was educated at the University of Victoria and the University of Western Ontario with a focus on psychology and has a Mental Health Worker diploma.

Brenda has worked and been certified in Reality Therapy, Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy, and PSYCH-K . She has also studied and worked in Thought Field Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy. Brenda is a member of the William Glasser Institute for Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. She was the former Board President of The Canadian Pranic Healer's Association and was the former President of the Vancouver Pranic Healing Association.


Marielle Smith is a holistic life coach, transformational healer and workshop facilitator with over 16 years experience in these fields.

She is a CTI Life Coach, PSYCH-K™ Advanced Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner and Coach, Trained in Compassionate Inquiry and is a Reiki Master.


Marielle engages in healing methods that create a life of balance, empowerment and long-term change at a subconscious level. Together with her clients, she is committed to fostering wellness in the mind, heart, body and spirit which builds more internal life-force and eliminates energy loss. Marielle’s coaching practice encourages integrity, forgiveness, compassion, respect, responsibility, accountability, and healing across the generations.


I coach people who are ready to transform their past experiences - some that are classified as traumatic - by reprogramming the negative blocks that were created at the time. By getting into the driver’s seat - through assertiveness, reclaiming personal power and engaging in self-responsibility - you can change your story.  My training, combined with my ability to be non-judgemental, patient, present, intuitive and compassionate, allows me to confidently walk with you on the path to well-being, peace and freedom.


Marielle is a creative maven at heart.  She is proud to be the fifth generation lineage of a Chinese Canadian family who lives in Vancouver with her husband of 20+ years, with their teenage daughter and son and their Aussie Shepherd, Tobi. Visit her for more details at Soul Coach.ca


Dale Kobialko, B.Sc., is an Energy Healer whose massage and Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) services bridge the gap between science and spirit while drawing from over 20 years of experience in world travels, science, and working knowledge of the metaphysical realm of body, mind and soul.


“My love of science and nature led me in the direction of natural health and healing. I look at the whole individual in helping to bring them into optimal health and wellness, which is very real and can be achieved. I love empowering each person, putting health back into their own hands”